St. Mary’s High School – Online Chapter

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St. Mary’s Online Chapter for Students

In collaboration with AukSunLMS & St. Marian Boys Club-1983

St. Mary’s High School offers a structured blended learning program of classroom sessions and online tutorials. Conceived on 24th Nov 2019 the online chapter was set up to help students gain better command over their studies. It’s a combination of daily classroom sessions and online preparation.

Students can now study their courses online

Join us in our blended learning programs! We will support you all along. We have classroom lectures, online video demonstrations, assignments, and projects for you. You would need a PC and the internet. 

To apply, please contact our Program Coordinator

The Online Chapter is for Pre-School to Grade-10When you enroll in any grade, we will email you, your login and password.

Click any grade to start your education

Science, Computers, English or Maths. 

You can study as many courses as you like. See samples

FAQ – Common questions before enrolling

Is the Online school really for a rupee a day?

Yes, you pay Pak Rupee 300 to your bursar, and select a grade for one whole year, all subjects included. That means less than a rupee a day.

How long does it take to set up my account?

You do not have to wait. Your account will be set up within a few minutes.

How long is the fee valid for?

School fee is valid for one year from the day you enroll in any grade! (Pre-school to Gr12) Thereafter it expires and you can enroll again for the next year or next grade as you like! Students can enroll year-after-year, till they complete all the grades.

How does our school provide education in such a low fee?

Our e-School-fee is purposely kept so low so online education becomes affordable for the parents without any burden.

Is there a demo, trial or sample for lessons on the online school?

Absolutely. The school offers a host of demo lessons on almost every grade and subject.

What is Blended learning?

Blended Learning means combining teaching and technology in an effort to improve learning among students. It’s one of the ways schools across North America are integrating education and technology.

How to operate the Online portal-Student Guide
Demo Curriculum and Excercise book
Demo Quizbook for Eng-Conv-Beginners