Grade 5

Welcome to (Your School name) eSchool

This section is for Grade 5 children

Hi Kids, let’s play, learn and grow together

Welcome to my class. I am Hannah Wright ( ) and I am a Class teacher for Grade 5 e-teacher. I teach the English language to my pupils. I have the ability to establish cooperative, professional relationships with students and their parents. I am a Professional Educator with diverse experience and strong track record fostering child-centered curriculum and student creativity. I love to exhibit a warm and caring personality and want all my e-students to be successful learners. I work to create a classroom atmosphere that is encouraging and adaptive. I had the privilege of supervising for fourteen years groups of trainees in preschool and elementary education in Quebec and BC. – Celebrate Life, Learn online!

Here are some courses for you guys. Let’s try them first and then see catalog for more!