Grade 4

Welcome to (Your School name) eSchool

This section is for Grade 4 children

Hi Kids, let’s play, learn and grow together

I’m happy to welcome you to my class. I am Geraldine King  and I am a Class teacher for Grade 4, teaching Science. I am an accomplished writer and e-Teaching developer. I strive to develop superior interpersonal and communication skills to foster meaningful relationships with students, staff and parents. I have several years of teaching experience both at the elementary and secondary levels as well as in e-teaching portal developer. I have also worked as a consultant to home-schooling across Canada. I led two Canadian projects: LMS teaching for Parents (LMS-P) and the Pak-Canadian Cultural Integration Project by Pak Canadian Cultural Forum (PCCF). I have a demonstrated ability to consistently individualize e-Learning, based on student’s needs and interests. Recently, I began a focus group on global affordable education. – Learning is lifelong. Celebrate it

Here are some courses for you guys. Let’s try them first and then see catalog for more!