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Founded by Overseas Pakistanis in 2014, AukSunLMS is a leading self-regulated branch of AukSun Consultants Ltd. It is based in Canada and the UK. We promote blended (online and classroom) learning in schools.

AukSunLMS provides management consultancy to collaborating schools. We emphasize affordable blended learning and online teaching.

Our educational products are innovative and forward-thinking. AukSunLMS trains the teachers to be insightful, visionary, and fully equipped with future teaching technologies.

We assist schools to build their brand, uplift image and establish online learning as a viable addition to their conventional teaching methods.

Features like making online courses by your own teachers, assignments, teachers’ training, automated email response, online discussion boards, automated call center, etc. are some of our products.

AukSunLMS is engaged in the creation and compilation of courses for children of all grades and ages. Our state-of-the-art course creation center is dedicated to providing the highest quality course making, language translation, and compilation.

Our target selection is 04 to 05 schools each time. North Americans and especially Canadians appreciate distance learning programs and that’s what we’re here to offer.

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