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  1. Assalam o alaikum to all
    Maha naz
    Enrollment: 125
    Post Rn Bscn year01 semester1
    Thanks for giving us wonderful opportunity very beneficial and informative site for us by this we improve our English language good site for English learner

  2. Way of explaining and speaking is very nice and I also want to speak English fluently .Everyone knows how to speak English but rarely such type of people do not know how they can help others to became a good speaker of English .This website is very beneficial for us to how to speak and learn English and method is very attractive and best… Thank you so much for All members of this website for providing such a great apportunity.

  3. I hope we wil learning new things from here and we implemented kn our life thank you faculty to provide this app.
    Name # zahid Emmanual
    Year 1 semester 1
    Post rn bscn
    Roll no# 12/2019/171

  4. I think it’s very good opportunity for us we can improve our English speaking skills by this opportunity
    Thanks faculty

  5. It is really good.
    The plus point about this is that, it is easy to access even beginners can use it easily.
    I see a numbers of course which would be very benifical for us the only clicking point in it is that if you can add certificate along with the courses then it would be more fruitful for us and students may take more interest.

    Simran Junita
    Rollno: 336

  6. its very helpful for us to communicate with our staff and cleints fluently.. Thanks to our faculty and program coordinators to give us this brilliant opportunity to learn English in a good manner .

  7. Aasandas
    Roll Num: 0002071
    GBSN year-1 semester-1,
    ” It provides us Great information & also improve our knowledge. Thank you so much😍. for making this website, It’s so useful “.

  8. It provides us good information and also improves students knowledge. And in this pandemic time it’s necessity.
    And it’s a good opportunity for us to improve our English speaking skills.

  9. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to learn something informative and productive . It personally impressed me alot for it proper way of delivering knowledge and sentiment toward up coming nurses and other health care providers.

  10. Thank you Ma’am for making that kind of website it’s very informative and helpful for us.
    Mehwish Sabir
    Roll No.0312
    G.BSN year -IV,Semester-VII

  11. Neelofer sonia :
    1st semester of post RN bscn.
    ROLL NO. 141
    So helpful for us Nice experience to watch n listen this vedio simple and easier.thanks

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