BSN English-I

50 students

Credits: 04 Hours

Placement: BSN English-I

Faculty: Syeda Uzma Paiam

Hi, I am Syeda Uzma Paiam (, your teacher for English (BSN English-I). I encourage you to enroll in our blended learning English Language Course.

Acknowledgment: This curriculum is adopted from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and Pakistan Nursing Council 2006.

English is the official language of all medical procedures and spoken in all major hospitals worldwide. It is the medium to study, patients’ history, medicine labels, and medical care. Being proficient in the English language is key to getting ahead in the medical profession.

This course is designed to develop and enhance learners’ receptive and productive language skills. It will help students to improve their reading speed as well as comprehension, at a deeper level. The focus will also be on developing writing skills.

Here, you can take online quizzes and assessments. This course has seven units helping you develop along with the following areas.

  • Develop speed reading
  • Enhance reading skills: skimming and scanning
  • Read and summarize simple nursing-related texts/information
  • Write coherent paragraphs
  • Learn and use new vocabulary items
  • Write short applications using the language of request
  • Make appropriate use of specified grammatical items
  • Write nursing objectives

Blended Learning strategies

The course includes interactive lectures, individual, pair, group and whole-class discussions, computer-based language learning.


Class participation 10%
Summary writing 10%
Quizzes 10%
Mid-term exam 30%
Final Exam 40%


The program includes eLearning speech activities. Through these activities, you can record your voice to access your spoken English, pronunciation, and fluency.


Course Contents

Unit I: Speed Reading

  • This unit helps students increase their reading speed. This helps them in other subjects too.

Unit II: Reading and Summarizing

  • In this unit, we help students build their summarizing skills by selecting significant points from a text/article and rejecting unwanted/irrelevant information. It emphasizes giving an accurate and objective account of a given text in one’s own words.

Unit III: Paragraph Development

  • Here we discuss the key features of a paragraph, its structural components, unity, and coherence. It enables students to write unified, coherent paragraphs in the form of field visit reports/summaries.

Unit IV: Nursing objectives

  • This unit aims at establishing the importance of documenting accurate, complete, and comprehensive nursing objectives in an organized manner.

Unit: V Grammar

  • This unit enables students to make appropriate use of specified grammar items.

Unit: VI Vocabulary

  • This unit builds verbal skills with newer vocabulary items.

Unit VII: Writing Short Applications Using Language of Request

  • Here we focus on the correct format/layout and language of letters of request.

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      The course lasts 26 weeks. Its fee is US$7.00. (PKR 1,000)

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