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Making e-learning possible for your school

You can team up with AukSunLMS team to help you build your school’s website. Experienced in various disciplines (web development, education, and learning management systems, etc.), we offer a wider perspective to the schools going online. Our dynamic team assists you in teaching children, developing the curriculum, assembling learning material, education and more.



Azra Khan, Our Chairperson, Rector, a visionary writer and poet. Her objective is to spread happiness. A writer of several motivating works, Azra contributes to e-schooling whole-heartedly. According to Azra, “the big questions for today’s schools is – are they preparing their students for the upcoming needs of the society? Is their curriculum and lessons geared for the foreseeable future? I think there’s a great void here. To the contrary, the schools are regimented into teaching outdated material that makes the classes all too boring. Kids take school as a compulsion and that ruins their much-needed excitement or creativity. Schools should be made more inviting for the kids. Where there is exploration, creativity, fun, and learning.  -A place the children love to go to when they wake up each morning. Do kids learn to plant trees in the schools? Or do they have pets to feed there? Do they re-cycle, refurbish, re-create? Do they have lifelong learning sessions, learn good behaviour, or stories of exploration or creativity? Through Online schooling, these ideas can be inculcated in the minds of the pupils, and a school can truly deliver its purpose”.




A. U. Khan

A.U. is currently working from Vancouver, on the gloablisation aspects of AukSunLMS. A.U. took up online-education as a labour-of-love. According to him, “firstly it’s a good cause, spreading education. There are no import/export barriers, no labour laws, etc., to comply. The subjects, lessons, and content are non-perishable, unlike most products and can be improved over time. These can be taken by as many students, over and over again.  Other benefits are, you’re not fixed in one office to create the online courses. One can travel from place to place and still be able to work on the e-School. Another advantage is that the e-School can be passed on to your next generation, and they can take up its management from where you took your retirement”.


Jia Khan is our Chartered Accountant. She manages financial matters from our UK office. According to Jia, Online Schooling business is a one time cost in creating the content and a low recurring cost. There is no plant, equipment or maintenance. Due to this, online education becomes significantly affordable for the masses. I.T should be used to modernise Education industry. And the future economy will need new concepts of AI, Big-Data.